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Books by Nona Jones

Nona Jones is considered a global thought-leader at the intersection of faith, technology and identity and has also served as a voice of hope and healing to victims of trauma due to her own history as a survivor of physical and sexual abuse. Her books are equipping people around the world to harness their potential toward realizing their purpose.

Killing Comparison is Nona's highly anticipated manual for how to live a life free from toxic comparison and feeling like you don't measure up. Success from the Inside Out is Nona's personal story of overcoming childhood physical and sexual abuse and the insights she learned while healing from the pain. From Social Media to Social Ministry is the Digital Discipleship Guide every Christian needs to read to use technology for Kingdom Building. 

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Happiness looks behind,  joy looks ahead.

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-Nona Jones



Nona’s life has taken her from the board room to the White House and from the pulpit to Silicon Valley. She expertly walks the delicate line between the world of business and the world of faith, building a bridge between the two for kingdom impact. Nona overcame unimaginable childhood trauma to emerge as a powerful voice of hope for this generation. With a message of forgiveness and faith, Nona is inspiring men, women, and teens to walk in the freeing power of God’s grace as they chart a path toward achieving their dreams. 

Nona is leveraging her experience as a technology innovator to launch a social media revolution. She literally wrote the book on social ministry, equipping churches around the world to leverage social media as a strategic tool for building God’s kingdom on earth.  As one of the most sought-after speakers in the field of church leadership and communications, Nona says, “It doesn’t matter how big your following is if your followers never follow Jesus through you.” Learn more about Nona’s work here

Her Work

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-Nona Jones

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