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Success School is a self-paced learning experience designed to help you succeed in life while helping you heal what success can't help. This is an experience like no other.

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About the  School

Success School creator and instructor Nona Jones was a corporate executive by the age of twenty-three, a sought after speaker and minister of the gospel, recognized by leading publications as an influential woman to watch, and wife of a devoted husband. But, beneath her success was a crumbling foundation of feeling empty, confused and alone. To top it all off, she was overweight, unhealthy and constantly felt exhausted.

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Nona prayed and reflected on her life and decisions and discovered that the trauma of childhood sexual and physical abuse left such deep wounds that no amount of success could heal them.  She realized she had used food to medicate her pain, but after making her feel better for a moment, she would climb into her size 18/20 clothes and feel worse. Nona needed a major intervention.


After prayerfully seeking God and discovering the keys to freedom from past pain, Nona went on to build fulfilling success out of empty success, became a global voice of hope and healing and lost 100 pounds in the process. She chronicled her story in Success from the Inside Out and launched Success School with Nona Jones to similarly equip and empower others to build their best life. 

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Even when uncertainty is the only thing you’re certain of, there is hope and an opportunity to thrive through God. 

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Success School exists to equip you with the strategies you need to actualize the unique passion and purpose lying within you, whether recognized or not yet discovered. The self-paced curriculum will cover the strategies Nona Jones uses to be optimally productive and impactful in business, ministry and life.

Success School is a self-paced online strategic leadership program that will challenge you, grow you, inspire you and equip you to achieve your goals while helping you identify and get free from the mental, psychological and emotional barriers preventing the realization of your full potential. Assignments and practical discussions are designed to help you dig deeper into your personal goals and growth opportunities and, once you become a cohort member, you will join a community of people who want you to win because they are as committed to personal growth and development as you are!

Topics Covered

Heart Work

By the completion of this teaching, you will understand how to identify areas of personal trauma that have formed unhealthy, hindering thought patterns while determining the steps needed to release guilt, shame and bitterness toward present, past and future offenders.

Mind Work

By the completion of this teaching, you will understand how to identify the non-priorities that have been allowed to occupy precious mental space and time while taking ownership of mental space by clarifying priorities and eliminating non-priorities.

Getting Unstuck

By the completion of this teaching, you will understand how to build a personal strategic work-plan to chart a path toward fulfilling success while  identifying the relationships needed to implement the strategic work-plan, as well as a framework for how to build them.

Building Momentum

By the completion of this teaching, you will understand how to implement your personal strategic work-plan to drive impact toward your goals while expanded your intellectual capacity.

Moving Into the Future

By the completion of this teaching, you will understand the mental, emotional, psychological, strategic and spiritual keys necessary for lasting success as well as how to turn inevitable failures into future successes.

Alumni Testimonials


Success School is no joke. The more Nona pushed me to get to the truth the harder it was to stay the course, and that’s how I knew I was on the right path.



Success School has given me the clarity and confidence I needed to accomplish my goals. Nona and her team are caring, professional and supportive. Such a great experience!



The intentionality of the planning behind Success School was incredible. Thanks to my peer partner and the support of Nona and her team, I didn't have to walk through the process on my own.



I gained new resources in Success School that helped me move from a “stuck” place to action. I now have the tools and momentum to complete a goal I’ve been sitting on for 15+ years.



Nona's coaching gave me too many "aha" moments to count. Forgiveness and focus. I am so grateful for Success School.



Success School changed my life. In just 6 weeks I've grown in every area! Nona is the mentor I never knew I needed. She is beyond qualified and equipped to get you from stuck to success!


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