Profound. Transformational. Charismatic.

Hi, I’m Nona Jones.

I’m often asked how to become a professional speaker and the truth is… I don’t know! I often look at my calendar and marvel. I never imagined that I would be traveling the United States and world and have tens of thousands of people listen to my thoughts every year. And this is why I’m so grateful to get to do what I do.

Every invitation I receive is a gift that I treasure. Whether you are filling an arena, concert hall, or board room, it would be my honor and joy to get to partner with you. I receive more invitations than I can accept every year, but my team will always do our best to meet your need if we can.

Thank you for thinking of me!

Download Nona’s key message topics to learn more about messages she is often requested to give.

If you have a specific theme, she will also develop a custom message for your event.

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